The Dick Smith band… Considering the popularity of this band not an awful lot has been written about them…well I intend to right that particular wrong and not from an outside view ..I was in the band …yeh it’s me Dave Barrett…the “wild and crazy ” lead singer….I will enlist the help and memories of […]

P.D , Dave and Steve started Dick Smith and the Dole Q at the Post Office in Wallasey Village in early 1978 ….. my brother passed on a message from P.D that he was looking for a rhythm guitarist ….  viv ….  a brilliant drummer helped us out at first to get started … he […]

Rehearsing was a noisy business  … we covered every wall in the front room with mattresses ..  we may have even included the ceiling … can’t remember .. set up the mixing desk in the kitchen area for recording and started playing … The songs came from guitar ideas and some were just born through jamming […]

It’s 1978 and we need a van !  .. we’re sick of using transits .. breaking down at 2am in the middle of  ?? …. we got together with a crazy hippie ” Mad Dave ” who had found and old ambulance , Pab vetted the engine , in fact he rebuilt it … this […]