The Millennial …

Was talking to a millenial the other day .. he’s 17 years old and and already he doesn’t believe anything he hears through mainstream media and has a really cynical view about governments companies and the media working in tandem to suppress any independent thought from the population and this brought to mind a series of events with DSB that led me to the conclusion that the “powers that be ” saw our freewheeling “don’t give a fuck ” style as a threat to their own cosy idea of the Status Quo…now when it was all happening ..I sort of thought ” fucking bastards …haven’t they got anything better to do than follow us around ” …DSB was a band from a little seaside town in the North of England but in the space of a few months we were ..busted ….fortunately they didn’t catch us with much but dragged Alan ” full pot ” Pearce around the house in his underpants when he insisted his name really was “Micky Mouse “….we were followed upto Sunderland by dole officers who when they came round to charge us thought it was funny that our van ” the ambulance ” had broken down and the gig was a bum steer as are there really students at university in August …we were fined and kicked off the dole…but the one where I really had some power and could have done something was our infamous gig at the riverside in New Brighton were literally fifteen police vans had mysteriously turned up outside and this police chief came up to me and said something like ” the games up sonny….turn this shit off ” ….for a second I thought ” no lets go fucking crazy apeshit and have a fucking battle ” but then looked round at the half stoned audience and thought ” fucking hell we’d get slaughtered ” so told everyone to leave in an ” orderly fashion ” as instructed …if I had my time again ..I would most definitely have said ” let’s go crazy fucking apeshit “…you can’t fucking do anything in this country…talking to some hippy traveller the other day..working in his van…gets people telling him ” he’s a fucking disgrace..and why doesn’t he pay his council tax ” ….I think we all need to take a look at ourselves and realise ” we are not as free as we may think ” …fucking hell…

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