12″ Vinyl Released on Sleaszy Rider Records. The 40th Anniversary Release of Givin’ The Game Away / Way of The World with Motorway Madness Live at Sir James New Years Eve 1981 with 1,200 people mixed by “Pab”

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CD-FB-1200-630“We Mean It”  CD – Released on Sleaszy Rider Records with 10 Blistering Tracks , 5 new tracks with both singles.







ConwayWe received some very sad news this week , that Dick Smith Band Drummer Paul Conway Stuart passed away suddenly in 2015.

Dear Conway, I hope you can somehow see or feel that your old buddies, The Dick Smith Band and crew, are all thinking about you and saddened to hear that you’ve passed away. you will always be in our hearts when we listen to the awesome drums you played on the tracks we performed together.  bless you Conway! 

As a tribute here is “Conway” blasting away on The Wanderer Live 1981