A journey …

“Dick Smith Band 2 The Other Side”

Dick smith started spring 1978 in New Brighton England and ended in spring 1982 . In that time we did close to  1,000 gigs and released 2 indie singles , the gigs were mainly in the North West of England and Scotland. When the band ended 3 of the original members moved onto “the Other Side” which did a lot of gigs …  its main work was in writing songs , trying to get someone to take it all on and produce it , we came close but it never happened and it all ended in 1989. This web site tells the story of that journey and makes the music we did available

Special Thanks To Larry Jonze … for all his efforts with the DSB FB group – Join here !!


People involved in the band(s) who are no longer with us , Pete Madden , Alan Pearce and Wendy Gamet