The riverside 2 the hamilton …

The once famous New Brighton Baths had a restuarant attached round the back by the river … called the Riverside Restaurant … one way or another we ended up putting gigs at the Riverside  .. at its peak we used to get from 400 to 500 people jammed in  … it was a fantastic atmosphere and great gig … we used to build a stage out of tables tying them all together from underneath .. took all day to set up … some photos … I think …

Steve and Steve

The Riverside ended with a police raid for underage drinking – Daves post portrays the events with great clarity …


We needed a new venue … tried the floral pavilion … didn’t work … so we arranged for merseyside buses to ferry poeple over to the hamilton in Birkenhead … that worked for a while … mad really aranging buses for fans … that was the band .. did not want to give in … we wanted our own gig …


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