“We Mean It ….”

Givin The Game Away

A song about a girl …………………………..

The Tribe

The Tribe is about comradeship, brotherhood and trust…when trust is gone nothing can be achieved…for a short while DSB were masters of their own universe…we could only see success and glory for the band and we all fully expected to be on our 40 th ” Take no prisoners ” anniversary tour this very year…the insidious beast that killed DSB stone dead still beats its shallow heart across many towns and cities of this our beautiful home in space…

we are the people living in our own land
we are the people fighting for our lives
we are the people no one seems to understand
we are the people no one seems to realise
the tribe deep in our hearts we know we’ll survive
deep in our hearts we know
we are the people living life our own way
we are the people living life from day to day
we are the people no-one seems to realise
we are the people no -one seems to understand
the tribe deep in our hearts we know we’ll survive
the tribe deep in our hearts we know that we’re through the storm
deep in our hearts we know
why did you do that to me ..i thought you knew
why did you do that to me i trusted you

Changing Places

Changing places follows on in some sort of mystical way from The Wanderer… Its as if the runes had been read and the ” simmering thoughts and bickering doubts” which most bands/people have..landed on the band in a rather unpleasant way…it is amazing when you  hear One of the world’s great sportsmen/women or a brilliant actor admit to having grave doubts about there own ability and to the rest of us it is incredulous that it should be so but it is one of the conditions we  as humans live with.. I believe animals have it as well but that’s a whole new story

Changing Places with someone you admire
Who’s glowing stronger than the hottest fire
Telling different stories giving the very same tale make sure this time you don’t fail
Telling different stories
Odds against you you’re not going to make it
What is success and how might you just fake it
Simmering thoughts
Bickering doubts
But keeping that goal in your minds eye
Telling different stories

Way of The World

I had a vision of a utopian society where ..everyone was equal….racism as a word
had never existed and sexuality a personal and private choice … I always find the word tolerance a troubling one…who are any of us to ” tolerate ” another human being

Cigar Shaped Thing

I saw a flying saucer once..honest ..up in the remote highlands of Scotland in 2005 with my partner she saw it too…thought it was a shooting star high in the western sky but when it stopped and did zig zag movements for a minute or so and then carried on at unbelievable speed into the night..it really was no shooting star….this track is about this very thing but written 25 years before we saw what we saw…recorded on 4 track Teac  by Paul Madden…. i wish we could revisit the track all five of us in a proper studio and give it the treatment it deserved..this is after all a very rare demo giving an insight how DSB would sometimes write and this as far as  i know is a very early version.. .live this would have been like some uncontrollable alien  monster..and probably as was often the case i would have ditched some of the vocal melodies ..let the band take it some place they’d never been with it before and screamed the odd word or two and just enjoy listening to the band…i think PD’s riff on the fade out would have been made into an important part of any live version and i wouldn’t be surprised if someone samples it…and do you know what.. i think that would be great

walk along those distant shores
look out towards those vicious seas
birds in flight and silver spheres
birds in flight and silver spheres
what do i fear is it in my mind
shadow ..falling..falling down
cigar shaped thing..metallic spheres
silent..oh so smooth
faster than the wind
red then green then back to red
what do i fear is it in my mind
shadow..falling..falling down
moving closer now so near
shadow falling..only fears
changing faces changing my life
flying saucer taking me away


PD wrote the original music to this one .. and all the band put thier own parts in ..  i put the words and melody on top…live it was one of our showstoppers…we had these amazing bright white lights that would illuminate the otherwise dark and anonymous faces that were the audience, although DSB audiences were far from anonymous and we were on first name terms with lots of them at the more intimate venues ….DSB fans are a special bunch and the love and support they have given us will never be forgotten or taken for granted by us the band…. …we shared their hopes and aspirations….and fears and for just over an hour at a DSB gig ..we were them and they were us…..all together….no messing….

Motorway Madness Live

Recorded at Sir James in Birkenhead , England on New Years Eve 1981 with 1,200 peeps having a great night …

The gig was mixed by “Pab” at the start of his career (AC/DC Sound Engineer) and recorded using only a mike at the back of the room by the desk . The song cuts out after about 6 minutes or so because the tape failed … we did not want to alter it in any way as it captures the energy of the night … Conway on drums …

The Wanderer Live

Recorded the same night in 1981 … The Wanderer was one of the first tracks that DSB did … PD wrote this before DSB started

I hadn’t heard this one for years either and was trying as I pressed play to remember what insightful words and heart wrenching melody I’d done for this one and fortunately there wasn’t one.. I sort of get going a bit but as I said about another track sometimes less is more.. who needs loads of words when you have That!!… I must have decided to slope off stage and grab a drink and I might have even just stayed at the side watching and listening… I think it was really clever of us how we avoided getting a record contract because if you saw and heard this live. as a promoter.. or a publisher.. or a manager.. You would have been totally captivated.. rubbing your hands with glee at the thought of future record sales and sell out concerts..of world tours and merchandising… how did it not happen.. DSB live… Mixed by Pab..who ironically became AC/DC main live sound engineer… How did it not happen…

Body Heat

PD wrote this one and I’ve just heard it again for the first time in years and actually pleasantly surprised.. All the ingredients for a good song are there.. Great rhythm by Paul.. Steve bass punchy and funky an early taste of things to come..  Swifty drummer does a great job.. Pd.. First of many great solo’s.. I remember recording this in Manchester and the studio owner was fixing the control room door with some heavy looking tools while we were recording.. .being  Our first proper recording session.. We thought it was the norm…  Producer Kev Roberts led us gently and expertly through the recording process….i remember coming back in the van  disappointed as I thought my voice was rubbish.. 40 years later and I don’t think it sounds too bad… I didn’t half used to scream a lot though didn’t I..

Now when your feeling over 90 degrees.. When the high moon sun is all blazing and bright
Your hot skin all naked and needing a breeze
All you want is the chill of the night
All you want is the chill of the night alright
When you’re feeling over 90 degrees
Steaming reeling bent at the knees
It may seem indiscreet but watch out for
A haze appears from the distant east
I’m in a heatwave and its no delight
Trudging on with those blistering feet
The borders not far gotta hold on tight alright
Watch out for that body heat

Motorway Madness

The first Single …

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