Givin The Game Away

Givin the Game Away was written by the whole band in 1980 , released as an indie single on Holgram Records .. we pressed 2,000 copies .. sold at Gigs and at local record shops .. since then it has become a rare record. It was recorded at Amazon Studios in Kirby Liverpool , Produced by Dave Roylance of Cloud 9 productions.  It was recorded for high energy .. they put the slide guitar through a harmoniser for effect.. Some of the singles fell into the hands of a japanese distributor .. they later contacted the drummer Steve Swift looking for more …. There flyin’ off the shelves

The single has been re-mastered by Jim Spencer of EVE Studios Manchester England and has now been released as a 12″ Vinyl , on CD and streaming and download … Available from the Shop


  1. CWow takes me back, bought this single at Reaction records in New Brighton. Followed the band for quite some time, seen their battle of the bands gigs, at the Dale, Riverside and Empress, even walked round with one of the bands tshirts for a while 🙂


    1. Allan, great to hear from you ! And all the gigs great stuff , we may even have some new T-shirts soon


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