Single Re-release with Live Track

The re-release of a 12″ vinyl “Givin The Game Away” and “Way of The World” on Sleaszy Rider Records to celebrate 40 years since the first gig at the fort perch rock in New Brighton on August 4th 1978 , The 12″ will include Motorway Madness Live at Sir James New Years eve 1981 with 1,200 peeps ….

The single is available here as a limited edition and through Sleaszy Rider Records and Digital Download

The live recording of Motorway was mixed by “Pab” at the start of his career (AC/DC Sound Engineer) and recorded using only a mike at the back of the room by the desk . The song cuts out after about 6 minutes or so because the tape failed … we did not want to alter it in any way as it captures the energy of the night … Conway on drums

Have a listen on Spotify  …. Download from iTunes