1. I wonder how this album would sound with today’s studio tech? Here’s my take. Giving the game away- ultimate powerhouse showcasing the whole band. A classic riff. Tribe – chance for Dave to “Shine”. Good dual lead guitars here, and a very interesting chorus. Changing Places – good riff & many bands around at this time have sounded similar during the opening verse. Nice bass thumping away here. Way of World – one of those songs that can either appear ok, or completely brilliant, depending on your mood. Love the chord change in chorus leading from E to D. Cigar Thang – good solid guitar riff – especially love the one at the end just before it fades…. Shine – gem of a song – great guitar break throughout. M. Madness Live – killer track – love how 2nd verse slides to allow best part of the song – where the 2 Pauls do their dampened harmonics thing & let Dave do his legendary scream & now is the chance to hear bass & drums really come in to their own – holding the song together. My only complaint – song fades before the classic live ending can be heard. Wanderer live – for me the star of the show – song has really grown on me – amazing riff on this one – great live song that could have gone on & on, great ending. Body heat – great chorus, simple chords but it works. What I love the most is the bass all the way through, almost a total bass solo. Listen to the notes, very clever playing. M madness – love the 2 guitar licks at the end of the song great finish. All in all a crackin album, hearing the live tracks takes you right back as if you are standing in front of DSB.

  2. CWow takes me back, bought this single at Reaction records in New Brighton. Followed the band for quite some time, seen their battle of the bands gigs, at the Dale, Riverside and Empress, even walked round with one of the bands tshirts for a while 🙂