DSB Story

The Dick Smith band…
Considering the popularity of this band not an awful lot has been written about them…well I intend to right that particular wrong and not from an outside view ..I was in the band …yeh it’s me Dave Barrett…the “wild and crazy ” lead singer….I will enlist the help and memories of some of the other members of the band and anyone else who has got something to say….
So where to start…Now my memory of my time spent in the DSB is to say the least slightly hazy ….what I think I know from what people have told me ..is that the DSB live were probably one of the hardest rocking outfits around at that time…one of the things I used to scream was ” We Mean it ” and we did ….this was no pub band doing covers…our aim every gig was to knock people flat every single gig…I remember backstage before we went on we would honestly say things like ” let’s blow this place to fucking bits….” Especially if there had been a band on before us ” you thought that was good…well take a toke on this ” we fucking meant it alright…and that I suppose is why all these years later people still cannot believe that it finished when it did where it did…
I’ll tell you the inside story…everything …if you wanna know..
Till next time,


  1. The Dick Smith Band were legendary at the Heathery Bar in Wishaw in the early 80s, one of the most amazing and popular bands ever to play there. Their return gigs were eagerly awaited and the band never disappointed. Awesome! I can remember the vibe as if it was last week. What a frontman, what a band, and what a repertoire. Can you not release a live album from some of your mixers c.1981, one that has The Day on it please.

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    1. Hi Dave , Thanks for your very generous and well remembered comment on Dick Smith. The band loved playing in Wishaw and the whole of Scotland was a major thing every time we came up. We are searching for any live material we can find , there are few live tracks on the CD “We Mean It” and the re-released single , some vids on the website as well. There was a recent post called “The Day” which is One day soon at the Heathery Bar in Wishaw, It’s on the website. We have a live recording from Wishaw which is on the DSB FB group if you want to download it , what we really need is the actual tapes so we can extract the music in WAV format and use that for a possible release. If you know anyone who has any tapes please let us know as we are always looking! Glad this has brought back some good memories , follow us on Spotify, Amazon or any of the others . Take Care Thanks again. DSB


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