King Charles III … And the Fire Eater

I used to “believe” in  great hair .. never did anything to it .. just let it be … hair was a big thing back then … when John Lennon shaved his head in 1971 I thought fuck …. whats he done !!!   we did a gig in Scotland and again someone who could make us famous was coming to size us up so we had to big it up … someone decided to give me a haircut and ended up looking like King Charles The 3rd  from the Dick Smith Show Band …. this was Steve (bass) description …

We always seemed to fall for this crap playing mad gigs for someone who didn’t come .. was pissed or just an idiot … we always thought – maybe

Dave used to wear multiple layers of clothes .. shirts and jackets ..  on stage and take them off one by one as the gig went on .. good idea really but not for the 1980’s . Someone made him a fire eater costume that was supposed to look a bit like the single cover .. Dave … I am sure …  will add his reaction to this later …

It was 1981 and people wanted us to look like a 80’s new wave band. We did a gig for the manager of Def Leopard .. he suggested we dress in leather .. for a better image …


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